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Welcome to Sudaluck We make pieces of art every day...

Undoubtedly, Teak and Rosewood are among the best woods in the world which are widely used in creating high quality furniture. Although Teak and Rosewood are found in several areas, the finest can particularly be found in the North of Thailand and nearby areas.

We are dedicated to protecting our global environment, whenever a mature tree is harvested 3-4 new trees will be planted to regenerated our plantation forest in Chiangrai.

Buying furniture from us, you can rest assured that you are participating in restoring the green world.

Upon the arrival of the timbers at our factory, over 300 workers will start their jobs. After inspection and sawing, the wood has to be sun dried for approximately 3 months.

To ensure problem free operation, the wood must then be kiln dried at a certain temperature, day and night, until the correct level of moisture is reached.

Most of our furniture is in the oriental traditional style, designed and crafted by exclusive local craftsmen whose skill in wood-working and carving are part of their heritage handed down from their ancestors.

Should you decide to have the furniture made to your design, it is also available. In the course of manufacturing, each process is most carefully monitored in order to maintain our high standard of quality control.

For more than twenty years, our products have been exported particularly to the United States and European countries.

The excellence of our furniture, our rigorous standard together with many years unfailing service will certainly provide you with the pride of ownership.

It is worth considering that many of our items of furniture will quite likely become heirlooms in the years ahead.